Dr Bob Phillips

Website, Flyer.

Bob has done so much all his life in so many fields in Canada. This website was his first presence and major marketing material for Toronto District School Board elections. He wanted to share and communicate his thoughts and services to the community. I got a chance to give him wold wide stage. The final product brought the new identity to life with elegant transitions, video accents, and a clean, understated design. His first experience of website which he loved it and received appreciation from all.



The Web Design goal was to raise awareness about Bob’s vision for education to children and how he could help the community resolve issues that people face in the current education system. Design was focused on Bob's experiences, knowledge and hard work towards benefit of students. A key way to promote website to reach students, parents and community was through social media and flyers distribution in the neighborhood. I build Social media tools and incorporated into the website that encouraged visitors to share, like and tweet about his work. I developed highly visual responsive, bilingual website design to reflect the rich profile of his work and showcase the love, support and vision for the Toronto education.

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