Renu Dadlani

Website design/Development, Print Ads, Newsletter.

Prateeksha is an exclusive label for fashion designer Renu Dadlani. Renu gave a new trend and style to ethnic Indian cotton embroidery and silk Chikankari by her elegant work and collection. My Challenge was to focus to enhance the beautiful embroidery work and allow it to speak though my design as latest avatar of chikankari and other types of embroidery designs


The design was primarily focused on the fabric and thread side of the brand, elaborating on the selling points and making the website look more powerful, established and sharp. Using the brand and logo elements at different diagonal points, i was able to construct a pattern that was consistent with the brand and also applicable in a range of colour shades.

I focused on making the main collection stand out, so I decided "why not be different?". I went for an unusual, yet alluring dark themed website. The reds, greys and blues of Tract really stand out, giving it an almost glamourize feel to the site.

ITWT Consultant