Denim Jeans

Website, Logo.

Denim Jeans is one of my favorite college projects because it’s related to Fashion and in my career I have made websites for multiple globally renowned Fashion Designers from USA, Switzerland, Paris, India. Major challenge was to build a different and new mood of the website on a common subject using different than usual pictures, graphics and colors to convey the right emotional message.


The design plan was to build sophisticated and innovative web design including the compatibility with every mobile web enabled device, from smartphones to large desktops to flat screen monitors. All recent projects in my web design portfolio are mobile friendly. I often devote hours to look for images that support project's vision and brand. Logo design and embedding logo to URL, Youtube video, and map were some of add-on features to DENIM JEANS project.   Efforts always bring rewards. My design story on the web design speaks differently and was awarded the best design website in the class. Memorable design and images compliment to my client's business with strong emotional and artistic values.

Dr Bob Phillips