Ganga River Camp & Resort

Website, Print Ads, Flyer, Photoshoot.

My existing client was looking for an update of services. I suggested a complete redesign with responsive web design considering the market trends. My Challenge was to focus on the UX and Conversion when designing the entirety of the website in addition to fun experience for groups and families.


The design was primarily focused on the tourism side of the company, elaborating the selling points of the Resort. Making the website look adventurous, display fun activities using Ganga River Rafting as soul of different diagonal points. I was able to construct a pattern that was consistent with the river rafting activities as well as the resort and applicable in a range of natural color shades.
I focused on making the main conversion/CTA points stand out, so I decided "why not be different?". I went for a slide show themed website. Highlighted river rafting slides and neutral colors really stand out, giving it an adventure and tourist attraction feel to the site. I developeved the website by using new technology supporting all devices.